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The Choco-Logo Story and Background

For years, chocolate manufacturers have cast chocolate into moulds in order to achieve certain three-dimensional shapes.

However, the fine design of the chocolate is limited by certain physical dimensions of the moulds. A well-known difficulty in using moulds is the lack of accuracy when it comes to narrow lines and very fine details. When the molten chocolate is poured into the mould, it does not penetrate into the smallest areas because of its viscosity. This creates unattractive small air bubbles in the finished product. A common method of reducing this phenomenon is to shake the mould vigorously. This method is not very effective when it comes to very small structures, as is the case with umlauts and hair-thin lines. This is the reason why chocolate products usually do not have subtle details. Another method of reducing air bubbles is to avoid right angles. A look at common pralines will show that the surfaces are always rounded and the depressions in the mould are slightly inclined. Never at a 90° angle and never with vertical edges.

Setting up and finishing a mould is expensive and can quickly cost several thousand euros before the first chocolate can even be produced. This is why the production of tailor-made chocolate has only been cost-effective in large quantities.

SchokoLogo now has the new technology and know-how to solve these problems!