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How to order

Your order at Schokologo

Product search:

In the product categories you can filter according to your wishes according to price, occasion and desired purchase quantities and limit the results. In addition, you have the possibility to sort according to certain criteria such as price. The settings for this can be found in the bar above the product list under the category title. Use these options to quickly find a suitable solution. 

If you have any additional questions, we will of course be happy to advise you.

Product configuration:

After you have decided on a product, you now have the opportunity to specify your chocolate logos in more detail. The following configuration properties are available to you depending on the product:

  • Chocolate type (milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate)
  • Type of packaging - Depending on the product, you can opt for transparent bags, silver and gold embossed boxes or full-surface 4c-printed boxes on both sides.
  • Order quantity - Select the desired quantity. The automatically assigned unit price is now framed in the scale price table. The scale price table is displayed to the right of the quantity.
  • Tooling costs for the chocolate - Please select this option if it is not an unchanged reorder.
  • Tooling costs for the box - Select this option if you want embossed packaging. If the reorder is unchanged, select "reorder". Thus no additional costs are calculated. If you do not need any boxes or if you opt for 4c-printed boxes, no tooling costs will be incurred.
  • Templates - For the production we need the following files:

    Chocolate: A black-and-white line drawing in digital form. The black areas are highlighted.

    Gold or silver box: A black and white line drawing in digital form. The black areas are embossed (deep embossed) onto the silver or gold box in the middle via the opening tab (see punching sketch in the download area).

    *Optimal are actuator data in eps or ai format with a minimum line thickness of 0.3mm. Please remember to convert lettering into vectors. Raster files such as jpg, png in printable quality (300 dpi) but also pdf, Word or Powepoint files can also be used if they can be printed satisfactorily in the desired size.

    4c-printed boxes or maps: For printing we need a printable pdf-file. Please use the punching sketches, which can be downloaded from the download area for each product. Please remember to convert lettering into vectors.

    Delivery date: The normal delivery time is 2-3 weeks. Here you have the possibility to give us a fixed delivery date. We start the production only shortly before your desired delivery date and gladly also in partial quantities. Thus we make sure that your chocolate logos are particularly fresh with receipt express deliveries under 10 working days should be co-ordinated with us before the order.

    Further options: Depending on the product, there may be other options available. For example, we can handle individual shipping, labelling, inserting chocolate cards and Advent calendars. An overview of the prices as well as the total price without shipping costs and VAT are displayed on this page.

After you have finished defining your chocolate, you can click on "add to shopping cart".

Shopping Cart

All the options you have entered are displayed in the shopping cart. At this point you can adjust the quantity or return to the configuration page. Further down on the left, the calculated shipping costs are also displayed. If you are logged in, the shipping costs will be calculated according to the address you entered there. If you are not logged in, you can enter the country of delivery and display the shipping costs.


At this point you place your order bindingly. After receiving your order, we will send you an illustration of the chocolate by e-mail for approval. We will not start production until you have approved the illustration.

If you prefer to order by paper and fax, you can download our order form here.