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How To: Bring Chocolate & Design Together!

One of the best things about edible marketing products, logo chocolate and custom chocolate business gifts is how easy they are to adapt to various commercial needs. Machinery may seem cold and less personal than the human touch, but Schokologo's modern equipment has been designed and programmed to shape chocolate with even the finest detail. When it comes to design, we can deliver on every single level, and that means great things for companies that make their living through the mediums of writing, fonts and images.

Here are a few groups of companies who can benefit from our personalised chocolates service:

Graphic design firms

Graphic designers adore fonts and typefaces, modern and traditional, and our chocolate is easy to engrave with any number of words, letters or signatures. We do small runs of bespoke chocolates, so small firms who require a run of only 50 pieces at a time will be able to take advantage. Alongside this we have a stunning collection of boxed chocolates in white, milk and dark chocolate, which can accompany the personalised pieces. With embossed chocolate as the centre-piece, everyone will have something to eat and look at!

Events companies

With events companies, it's all about service, efficiency and reputation – often on a grand scale. Have you got an image you'd like re-imagined in chocolate? Maybe you'd like to do some special Valentine's Day gifts to send to potential customers? We can carve almost any image into flat chocolate pieces, or produce replica chocolates that look like virtually any object, giving your customers a reason to think of you as standing out from the crowd.

Bespoke product firms

One of the most competitive areas of business is bespoke products. Handbag makers, shoe makers and clothes designers are all looking for unique ways to market themselves to potential clients. One way to do that is to engrave a run of bespoke chocolates with the company logo or signature. Other ideas include a small note about what you do or an invitation to an upcoming event.

There's no need to worry about our machinery losing the small details, either. With every product we create, we do our best to enrich the final pieces with the character and personality that you are known for. The result is chocolate that is closer to modern art, quite unlike than something you’d find in your local newsagent!

Boutique shops

With the boom in boutique shops taking over the traditional idea of the high-street, there's more competition for independent traders than ever. Fortunately, there are also an infinite number of small shops with their own unique character. Our edible marketing products allow you to emboss chocolate with all the character that your regular customers know you for. Handing logo chocolate samples out in the street is one way to get a good buzz going. Alternatively, hold an evening party to celebrate Valentine’s night and put smiles on people faces with bespoke chocolates specifically designed for this occasion.

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