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Chocolate customer gifts with aha effect

Would you like to send chocolate with your logo, slogan or other message to your customers or business partners? Then Schokologo is the right contact! For more than 10 years we have specialised in customer gifts of chocolate and are happy to work out your individual chocolate wishes together with you.

Our handmade chocolate logos made of melt-in-the-mouth Belgian chocolate have so far been well received by every customer - and of course remain in their memories. Use the "power" of chocolate to make your customers happy and at the same time to call yourself to mind as an attentive and serious company.

Logo chocolate with aha effect

Because Schokologo provides with our customer gifts made of chocolate for a sweet and lasting aha effect with your customers. Chocolates from Schokologo go through the stomach directly into the heart and also appeal to the eye of the customer through their special design.

Customer gifts - when is the right time?

Customer gifts made of chocolate are often used at Christmas or Easter, whereby it is not necessarily the size of the gift that is decisive, but individuality and exclusivity. Another occasion is the company anniversary. Company anniversary gifts inform business partners and customers how long the company has existed and how rich in tradition it is. This shows strength and consistency, especially in difficult economic times. Another very interesting and often underestimated occasion is the customer birthday. If the gift is beautiful and of high quality enough, it will certainly not be forgotten by the recipient.

Chocolate customer gifts strengthen the business relationship and support customer loyalty. Therefore one should always ask oneself: "How can I keep my customers happy?". High-quality advertising gifts made of chocolate complement these measures in any case. If the customer is satisfied with the company, he recommends it further and speaks about it also in his private circle of acquaintances. Mouth-to-mouth propaganda is the best form of advertising.

Do you already have a gift idea for your special customer? Then feel free to contact us today (by phone, e-mail or via our contact form)!