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organic certification

At Schokologo we have always paid attention to the use of the best ingredients and 100% sustainably grown cocoa in our range.

It was therefore only logical that we should now have endeavoured to obtain certification for an organic offer. After the successful completion of the procedure, Schokologo is now allowed to use the organic seal according to the EU Organic Regulation under the organic control number DE-ÖKO-039 for the labelling of our organic products.

Since 2001, the seal has been available for the uniform labelling of food products whose producers comply with the strict provisions of the EC Organic Regulation.

The guiding principle of organic production is the closest possible closed operational cycle between soil, plants, animals and humans. After certification, experienced inspectors inspect the entire company once a year. In addition, unannounced spot checks are carried out.

The strict requirements include, among others

  • all ingredients from organic production
  • complete documentation of purchases, sales and production
  • separate production and storage of organic products
  • Consistent BIO certification of all upstream suppliers