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Chocolate logo product information

In our customer satisfaction survey, we learned that you would like more information about our products and how they are manufactured. We are happy to answer your questions in our current blog post and hope that we can give you additional insights into the production of our handmade custom chocolates with detailed product information.

Chocolate from sustainable cultivation

For our fine chocolate logos we use the finest Belgian chocolate from Callebaut, the world's largest chocolate producer. Our chocolate consists of 100% sustainably grown cocoa, as Callebaut advocates fair trade.

Callebaut supports West African cocoa farmers with its "Growing Great Chocolate™" programme. The aim is to sustainably improve the quality of the cocoa beans and the income and quality of life of the cocoa farmers and their families. For over 100 years, Callebaut has been perfecting its "finest Belgian chocolate", which we naturally refine according to your requirements.

Chocolate Varieties

We offer as standard and always ready for production:

  • Milk chocolate with 34% cocoa and a light caramel flavour is the milkiest and creamiest of the finest Belgian milk chocolates. Thanks to its particularly light colour, it is suitable for chocolate lovers who prefer mild chocolate with a high milk content and a subtle hint of cocoa.
  • Dark vegan chocolate with 56% cocoa content is a mild, lightly roasted chocolate with an acidic note.
  • White chocolate - This chocolate is as Belgian as a chocolate can be: It is made mainly from milk from Belgian cows and sugar from locally grown sugar beet. It has a sweet taste with distinct milky, creamy, caramel and vanilla notes that are perfectly balanced. 


We can offer the following types of chocolate on request:

  • Eclipse sugar-reduced milk chocolate with 1% sugar. On the other hand, the milk content of 42.5% is about twice as high as normal milk chocolates and the cocoa content of 51.4% is also significantly higher than normal milk chocolates. This makes the Eclipse significantly darker, creamier and more intense than other milk chocolates. In addition, the recipe does not contain soya lecithin.
  • Sugar-free chocolate - This dark chocolate has a deliciously intense chocolate taste without added sugar. Its pleasant sweetness comes from the sugar substitute maltitol, rounded off with natural bourbon vanilla. It is crunchy, tastes similar, has the same colour and the beautiful shine of our dark chocolate.
  • Ruby - Chocolate - After milk, dark and white chocolate, Ruby is now the fourth chocolate. With its ruby red colour, intense fruity taste and fresh sour notes, Ruby is perfect for trying out new creations.
  • Gold Chocolate - A selection of the finest ingredients, such as caramelized sugar and caramelized milk, has been created with great attention to detail. This brings out the unique caramel taste in unmistakable gold. The rich toffee, butter and cream note is crowned by an exciting pinch of salt and brings variety and excitement to your display.

Lovingly produced and high-quality logo chocolate

And how can you benefit from our many years of expertise and continuous improvement? Your target group creates an extremely positive link between the excellent taste and your high-quality logo on the chocolate - the perfect promotional gift for various occasions!

From the exclusive raw chocolate mass to the chocolate logo packaged ready for dispatch, many production steps lie in the Düsseldorf "chocolate workshop". The mould is lovingly handcrafted on the basis of the template provided by you - we can achieve an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm. Because we attach great importance to attention to detail!

Logo embossing with highest precision

Although the moulds are produced using classic and modern technologies such as deep drawing, milling and the 3D printer, each individual chocolate logo becomes something very special through our manual work.

The chocolate coating is poured into the finished mould and cooled first. Before the chocolate logos are finally hermetically sealed and packaged, they must undergo a final quality inspection in the packaging process. Among other things, our team checks the chocolate logos for air bubbles and sorts out chocolates that do not meet our highest standards.

Securitised enjoyment thanks to quality controls

At the same time, the chocolate logo packaging (printed in silver, gold or 4c) is punched in the appropriate size and embossed with the embossing of your choice. The cartons for the packaging are produced exclusively for us - which gives us the best possible control over the paper, the colours and special embossing properties.

Finally, the delicious chocolate logos can be found in the embossed boxes and are prepared for dispatch - to you or directly to your customers or business partners. You have a choice!

Flexible shipping ensures flexibility

All our chocolate logos and their packaging stand for the highest quality and are produced in loving, careful and detailed handwork. The chocolate logos can be kept for at least one year after production. Since we produce the chocolate logos and packaging in-house, we are very flexible in terms of delivery. Is your order urgent? We can send you the desired chocolate logos within 1-2 days on request (and for an extra charge).

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us, send us an e-mail, use the contact form or call us at 0211/3677790.

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