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Helpful information for trade fair planning

What should one not forget when planning a trade fair? We have compiled the most important points.

The fair stand with logo chocolate can actually only be a success - but an attractive giveaway does not make an exhibition a triumph alone.  Of course, the narrower strategy in trade fair planning always depends on the company's orientation, the sector, the trade fair itself and the products to be presented. 

Nevertheless, there are some basic requirements that companies should consider when planning their trade fair:

1) Location of the trade fair stand: location, location, location - As with real estate, so too at the trade fair. One should inform oneself, which stand neighbors one has locally. Whether they match the overall image of the company and whether direct competitors are nearby. Depending on the neighbour, one should consider whether this is advantageous or for the exhibitor or not.

2) Psychology and visitor behaviour: The direction of the visitors should be taken into account so that posters, displays and shelves are placed in such a way that everyone can recognize them immediately and from a distance. Ideally, the stand should be positioned to the right of the running direction, because most people normally only look to the right and should then be given enough incentives to prevent their gaze from wandering further. If the stand is to be closed for invited guests only, it does not necessarily have to be located in a well-frequented area or directly at the entrance. In the other case, where as many running customers as possible are desired, the stand should be of open design. The more central and well frequented the place is, the better.

3) Stand construction: Not only boil with water! Have all technical connections been considered? Water, sewage, electricity, internet, cables, switches, heating, cooling, compressed air? Ideally, companies work together with a well-known booth builder who brings his own suggestions from his rich experience. 

4) Lock measures: Nothing comes from nothing, or nobody. Promotional programmes, hostesses and promotional gifts (such as our chocolate giveaways) are just as helpful as catering, hospitality and a cup of coffee. For trade fair appearances with a high content, a press conference and information material, lectures and presentations should be considered.

Chocolate giveaways at the trade fair stand

If you are also convinced that personalised, impressive and individual chocolate should not be missing from your stand, please get in touch. We are sure to find a memorable chocolate with your logo or as a product replica that will loosen up any conversation immediately and remain in your memory long after consumption.

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