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Chocolate with your own logo

Schokologo specialises in the production of logos and company logos from handmade chocolate according to the original Belgian recipe - with the highest precision and without restrictions.

Our chocolate logo motto is: If you can print the motif on paper, we can also reproduce it in chocolate. You need a black-and-white drawing as a template. All black areas and lines of the drawing then appear raised on the chocolate tablet (or blackboard) and all white areas represent the plane of the tablet.

Noble, handmade chocolate meets technical perfection

If necessary, even several layers can be mapped. Different colours are used for this. One color per layer. For example, if the logo has a background, use a gray color for the background, a black color for the logo, and a white color for the empty areas.

So you can easily have us produce the most complex - and delicious - chocolate logos for you to make a big and lasting impression at trade fairs, company celebrations or events such as Christmas and Easter.

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